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If you would like to commission one of our artists or need advice about who to commission, you can contact us by calling or dropping us an email - whatever you’re comfortable with. We’ve worked with a whole range of different clients and you’ll find us very friendly and understanding. We’re here to facilitate the smooth running of your project and while we sort out the little details behind the scenes, our artists can concentrate on the important job of creating. 

If you’re new to commissioning bespoke illustration, then we’re here to help you through the process.

Artist Submission

We like to think that our agency is small and beautifully formed already and we don’t have plans to dramatically increase our list of artists. But, we always welcome submissions from professional Illustrators whose work is distinctive and different from our existing artists. If your work catches our eye and we think it would fit in to our agency, then we will get in touch.

When sending us samples of your work please include a link to your website or instagram page. You can also attach a pdf of a reduced file size.


607 257 0330 


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Thanks for submitting!
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